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The Incredible Entrepreneurship Journey of Aditya Raj Singh That Would Leave You Amazed

By Yahoo! Finance on February 16, 2021
Imagine having such an entrepreneur spirit in your mind and fire in your heart that you already have a successful business going before even graduating from school? Well, that’s exactly the kind of story we have here. Story of Aditya Raj, a surprisingly young [...]
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Aditya Raj Singh and His Journey to Becoming a Pioneering Indian Entrepreneur

By New York Weekly on February 16, 2021
Becoming an entrepreneur is something that most of us dream of, but actually achieving this dream is something that is fulfilled by imbibing determination, zest, and of course the will to face the challenges head-on! Where some people move [...]

Aditya Raj Singh: A skilled entrepreneur and his journey to success

By Hindustan Times on March 02, 2021
Being successful in life is almost every person’s dream, however not everyone has it in them to actually make it big. However, Aditya Raj worked hard on his ambition to grow to the stage he has achieved today. Aditya Raj is not like any other millennial. He was f [...]
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How Aditya Raj Singh Built His Successful Business By the Age Of 18

By WP Elevation on December 09, 2020
We have all the feels here at WP Elevation this week thanks to one of our youngest members – Aditya Raj. Adi sent us his story of how he went from being a 16-year-old high school drop out to a successful 18-year-old agency owner and now we'd love to share it with [...]
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How Aditya Raj Singh Is Helping Financial Businesses grow Their Online Presence With Stallion Cognitive

By Vents Magazine on March 05, 2021
Entrepreneur Aditya Raj Has always been interested in the matters of finance and learning about things that help businesses online. This is the reason he founded his financial marketing agency Stallion Cognitive after he dropped out of his high school. Now, before Aditya [...]
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Founder of NamasteFinance: Aditya Raj Singh on Finance and More

By Influencive on March 04, 2021
Aditya Raj is one of those people who has done more in life than most teenagers ever could. This is because he is not only the founder of over 4 startups. One of his best creations is NamasteFinance which is meant for Indian audiences who do not yet know the [...]
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आदित्य राज सिंह ने 14 साल की उम्र से ही शुरू कर दिया था काम, फिर ऐसे कमाया नाम

By News 18 on March 07, 2021
नई दिल्लीः कैसा महसूस करेंगे आप यदि ग्रेजुएट होने से पहले ही आपके पास अपना सफल बिजनेस हो, बिल्कुल ऐसी ही जुनून भरी कहानी आज हमारे सामने है, एंटरप्रेन्योर आदित्य राज सिंह की. 14 साल की खेलने-कूदने वाली उम्र में बहुत कम ऐसे होते हैं जो अपने जुनून को जानते हों, आदित्य राज [...]